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by Peter Knap last modified 2015-09-07 16:46


the first two letters stand for Registration Jack (standardized socket), are from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standard connectors for telecommunications cabling. The standards describe the physical form of plugs and sockets as well as their contact configurations and are the letters RJ and a number (for. Example, RJ-45) refers.
Most RJ plug connections are based on modular plugs and are often wrongly equated with these. The RJ connectors are now used worldwide for telephone and network connections.
The best-known and in the PC / network and communications telephony range used RJ connectors are modular plug. Usual types are equipped with six contact positions, of which the RJ-11 has two (6P2C), wherein RJ-14 (as well as the hardly used RJ-12 and RJ-13) has four (6P4C) and the RJ-25 has six-pin (6P6C ) wired.
On computer networks, often each fully wired eight-pole (8P8C) modular plug is called „RJ-45“, although it usually is RJ-48 or RJ-49 8P8C. There are colloquially referred to as ISDN-shielded connector, an „Ethernet-Stecker“ unshielded fully wired eight-pole (8P8C) modular plug.
Outside the circles of US telecom professionals there is often confusion and inaccuracies in the assignment of RJ-identifiers to the smaller of the above connector. The use of telephone connections six-pole sockets and plugs can be connected to both RJ-11 and RJ-12, RJ-13, RJ-14 or RJ-25 as well as for some other cabling variants, which each have a plug face is defined, the six Contact positions (Poland) is based. Here in RJ-11 only the innermost pair is used with RJ-14 and RJ-12 variants rare cabling and RJ-13, each with four cores and with RJ-25 every six cores. The even smaller four-pin connector, are connected to the base unit to the handset, for example, is used in any RJ standard. It is often referred to as RJ-10, RJ-22 or RJ-9, as it is less than the six-pole version.

RJ-Type Contact positions Contacts Description Front view
RJ-10 4 4 4P4C  rj10
RJ-11 6 2 6P2C  rj11
RJ-14 6 4 6P4C  rj14
RJ-25 6 6 6P6C  rj12
RJ-45 8 8 8P8C  rj45
DEC-Type 6      rjdec

source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/RJ-45

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