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Solderpins with/without solder/flux Depot

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The company NAS Interplex manufactures since 1958 stampings. In the early 70s they began producing multiple solder connections for circuits. Because of the increasing diffusion in more and more applications, better connection pins were always required - consistent, reproducible quality and substantially improved process capability.
NAS presented before the end of the 70s the revolutionary solder- and fluxbearing pins (solder and flux bearing leads = SFBLs). Since then, although many improvements and modifications were carried out, the basic requirements have not changed since the launch: the industry requires pins having a consistency close to 100%, a precisely predetermined amount of solder and flux. The amount has to provide good electrical and mechanically stable solder joint, but may not result in solder bridges!

NAS pins fulfill all these requirements and therefore offer the following advantages:
  • In addition to operations accounts - populate only contacts or connector and solder it
  • Lot and flux are in a precisely defined quantity on the right position
  • 100% solderability
  • the possibility of solder bridges Education is excluded, particularly interesting for small contact spacings
  • Deduction and peeling forces are higher by better solder spread
  • Cost reduction through optimization of the production process (no auxiliary processes required)
  • Number of necessary processing steps is reduced
  • Testing effort is reduced
  • Process safety is improved
  • lead-free solder alloys are available
  • High variability in the selection of available solder flux Depot combinations
  • The product range of NAS includes rows of contacts and connectors with screen widths from 0.5 to 2.54 mm
Largely reduced manufacturing costs
The cost and time saving benefits of NAS SFBLs are valued worldwide. Over many years billions of pens have been produced and used by hundreds of customers in numerous applications. Although NAS SFBLs cost compared with standard pins a little more without custodian, leading significant savings in the production process to lower overall costs. Moreover, the SFBLs can be used in applications where standard pins can be used impossible - thanks to the various combinations of solder and flux depots.

100% solderability by the "Claw"
Included in the NAS product line SFBLs is the "Claw". This design allows the direct contact between the pre-solder deposit with flux core and the conductor surface, the contact zone "wipes" when loading on the connection point. This results in 100% solde safety, more economic assembly and greater efficiency. In fact produce the NAS SFBLs such perfect solder joints that costly checks and rework can be omitted.
Proven soldering
  • Reflow soldering (hot air, infrared, vapor phase)
  • Thermode (selectively, touching)
  • Pulse soldering (selective contact)
  • Heating die soldering (selective contact)
  • Micro flame brazing (without contact)
  • Laser soldering (selective contact)
The simple, effective method of application of NAS SFBLs

The clips can be inserted by hand or machine. The direct contact between the solder deposits and prefabricated conductor surfaces is prepared.
The clips hold in position firmly for the reflow process.
Both solder deposits above and below are also heated and solder in one operation.
The precisely metered amount of solder and flux together with the form of the patented "Claw" grant legal security without interruptions.
The result are electrically and mechanically perfect soldered joints!


We don´t sale this procucts from company interplex any more. For quotations please contct Joe.praino@us.interplex.com

on order, occasionally in stock Series Solderless SMT Card Edge Contact System
Solderless SMT Card Edge Contact System

Logo Interplex

Interplex Industries presents a new SMT card edge connector system based on a discrete SMT component that creates a solderless press-fit edge card connector system for daughter card applications.

The Interplex SMT Card Contact System features:

  • Interplex-tested and proven 0.64mm press-fit technology
  • Packaged in 16mm x 4mm pitch EIA tape
  • Strong trough-hole SMD soldered interface
  • High conductivity material for up to 15 amps per contact
  • 3.2mm Center Minimum PCB spacing
  • Designed for standard 1.6mm thick PCB´s



  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Telecom
We don´t sale this procucts from company interplex any more. For quotations please contct Joe.praino@us.interplex.com
For additional information please contact us.
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