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CQ SMT 1,6x2,0mm 4 Pads

CQ SMT 1,6x2,0mm 4 Pads

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CQ family
1,6 x 2,0 x 0,45 mm
12 MHz - 72 MHz
4-Pad ceramic body with metal lid

The standard packing unit is 3.000 pcs (reel). Smaller quantities are available on a piece of cut tape. On demand we put a pre- and endtape onto the piece and wind it on a mini-reel for your convenient handling in your production.

List of prefered types with technical datas:

HKC2016SX-16MHz-26852-R4V1, 10/15/-30+85/8, 200Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-20MHz-26853-R4V1, 10/10/-20+70/8, 200Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-24MHz-26854-R4V1, 10/20/-40+85/8, 100Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-25MHz-26855-R4V1, 10/10/-20+70/8, 120Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-26MHz-26856-R4V1, 10/15/-10+75/8, 80Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-26MHz-26857-R4V1, 10/10/-20+70/8, 100Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-27MHz-26858-R4V1, 10/10/-20+70/8, 100Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-30MHz-26859-R4V1, 10/15/-10+75/8, 60Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-30.4MHz-26860-R4V1, 10/15/-10+75/8, 60Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-32MHz-26862-R4V1, 10/10/-20+75/8, 60Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-32MHz-26863-R4V1, 10/20/-40+85/8, 60Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-38.4MHz-26864-R4V1, 10/20/-40+85/10, 50Ω, 200uW
HKC2016SX-40MHz-26865-R4V1, 10/20/-40+85/8, 50Ω, 200uW
HKC2016SX-48MHz-26866-R4V1, 10/30/-40+85/10, 60Ω, 100uW
HKC2016SX-50MHz-26867-R4V1, 10/50/-40+85/10, 60Ω, 100uW

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