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DETF double-ended tuningfork force-sensors

DETF double-ended tuningfork force-sensors

Statek has designed and manufactured quartz-crystal resonators using photolithographic and chemical milling methods for over three decades and has applied this expertise and capability to now offer double-ended tuningfork (DETF) force-sensors.
The resonant frequency of the DETF force-sensor is a function of its dimensions, electrode configuration, and the applied force. Compression or extension of the sensor causes a corresponding change in frequency. Once calibrated, measuring this change in frequency gives the applied force.
Because the DETF force-sensors operate on frequencybased priniciples, they are immune to amplitude noise as well as noise at frequencies other than at the frequency of the sensor. As a consequence, the signals in the system can operate at full amplitude, thereby avoiding the noise that usually plagues low-level measurements.
Quartz force-sensors offer further advantages over other force sensing technologies such as sensitivity, small size, low mass and stable performance.
We can customize the size of the sensor to fit your application.


  • Highly sensitive
  • Small size
  • Operates based on frequency principles
  • High signal-to-noise-ratio
  • Low aging
  • Designed for customer specific applications

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