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General information

General information

Laird has acquired the manufacturer Klüver Aggregatebau GmbH in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg in May 2012. The product range includes aggregates of the cooling and heating systems for research, industry and medicine.

Actual product information you will find directly on the manufacturers website, please click the link


Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS) are ideally suited for the thermal management of machinery and equipment by using a coolant for heat transfer. Most engineers are concerned about the introduction of fluids into the electronics, but properly planned and assembled the system is absolutely secure. LCS have several advantages over conventional air cooling systems:

  • high heat pumping capacity
  • Liquid heat exchanger can reduce the thermal resistance over conventional heatsink fans by a factor of 10 or more.


  • high heat flux
  • LCS can store up to 5 times as much heat per surface dissipate as your traditional air cooling systems. This is a great advantage, especially in the densely packed electronics.


  • targeted heat dissipation
  • LCS enables the integration of small heat exchanger on the heat source itself The heat is then dissipated in a targeted and transferred to a remote location -. An advantage over air cooling, where very complex and large-area air must be blown through the electronics.


  • fast cooling
  • The cooling time depends on the cooling performance. LCS have a larger power than conventional cooling systems, and therefore reduce the time to reach the target temperature.


  • less noise
  • Systems with high heat dissipation requirements (1kW or more) require much larger fan to produce the air flow, which dissipates the heat, as LCS. This makes the fan, as opposed to LCS, louder and creats higher vibrations in the system.


    Application examples:
  • Medical imaging systems (eg: x-ray)
  • Industrial and medical laser systems
  • Digital printing, centrifuges
  • Semiconductor manufacturing

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