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LI-Liquid heat exchanger

LI-Liquid heat exchanger


made completely of copper
with 2 mounting holes with or without thread
1" long connecting pipes with outer diameter 0,25"
with bore 19mm xd = 1,58mm for temperature sensor

in stock in stock
on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
sales item, stock only sales item, stock only
discontinued, not for new designs discontinued, not for new designs

Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
MMCLI101TH2 Liquid Heat Exchanger 1.25x2.00x0.38" LI-101-2-TH-M MELCOR 2 Durchg.Lö.M3 1 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MMCLI201NH Liquid Heat Exchanger 2.00x2.25x0.50" LI-201-NH MELCOR (Material: Kupfer) 2 Stk 9 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MMCLI201TH Liquid Heat Exchanger 2.00x2.25x0.50" LI-201-TH-M MELCOR/Kupfer/M3/Durchg.Lö 16 Stk 0 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MMCLI301THM Liquid Heat Exchanger 2.50x3.50x0.50" LI-301-TH-M MELCOR (Kupfer/M3/Durchg) 8 Stk 0 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
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