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AA Air-Air Peltier Cooler

AA Air-Air Peltier Cooler


The AA PowerCool Series is an Air-to-Air thermoelectric assembly (TEA) that uses impingement flow to transfer heat. It offers dependable, compact performance by cooling objects via convection. Heat is absorbed and dissipated thru high density heat exchangers equipped with air ducted shrouds and brand name fans.

The thermoelectric modules are custom designed to achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption. This product series is available in a wide range of cooling capacities and voltages. Custom configurations and moisture protection options are available, however, MOQ applies.

  • Easy installation
  • Switching between cooling and heating
  • Tunnel series cooler AA-026 and AA-033 based on the patented “Tunnel“-Concept
  • Cooler AAC-050 with Peltier cascade for high temperature differences
  • PowerCool series with heat pump powers 20W to 193W
  • Operating Voltage 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 48 VDC
  • Typical applications are electronic enclosures, instrumentation, commercial refrigeration and transport containers for food

To achieve a maximum temperature difference to the environment and the energy-efficient preservation of the internal temperature of a container or cabinet, a good insulation is essential. The impact of a 10 or 20mm foam insulation compared to non-insulated containers, whether in steel, aluminum or Plexiglas, is impressively illustrated in an assortment of Martin Karlstedt / Laird.

Links to the individual data sheets:

AA-019-12-22 20W/12V/2,3A Weight=0,3kg 80x62x105mm
AA-024-12-22 24W/12V/2,4A Weight=0,6kg 100x82x122mm
AA-024-24-22 24W/24V/1,5A Weight=0,6kg 100x80x132mm
AA-034-12-22 33W/12V/3,5A Weight=0,9kg 120x102x124mm
AA-040-12-22 41W/12V/6,3A Weight=1,8kg 160x122x147mm
AA-040-24-22 41W/24V/2,6A Weight=1,8kg 160x122x146mm
AA-060-12-22 58W/12V/5,7A Weight=2,5kg 230x122x146mm
AA-060-24-22 58W/24V/3,1A Weight=2,5kg 230x122x146mm
AA-070-24-22 71W/24V/3,4A Weight=2,5kg 230x122x152mm
AA-100-24-22 102W/24V/5,6A Weight=4,0kg 300x152x161mm
AA-150-24-22 143W/24V/7,9A Weight=4,1kg 300x152x166mm
AA-200-24-22 195W/24V/10,1A Weight=6,0kg 400x153x178mm

in stock in stock
on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
sales item, stock only sales item, stock only
discontinued, not for new designs discontinued, not for new designs

Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
MSAA0201222 Air-Air System 12V/20W AA-020-12-22 SUPERCOOL 1 Stk 9 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MSAA0241222 Air-Air System 12V/24W AA-024-12-22 LAIRD 1 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MSAA0602422 Air-Air System 24V/58W AA-060-24-22-00-00 LAIRD 1 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MSAA0702422 Air-Air System 24V/71W AA-070-24-22-00-00 LAIRD 3 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MSAA1002422 Air-Air System 24V/102W AA-100-24-22 LAIRD 2 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MSAA1502422 Air-Air System 24V/143W AA-150-24-22-00-00 LAIRD 5 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
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