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HT ThermaTEC

HT ThermaTEC

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The ThermaTEC™ Series of thermoelectric modules (TEMs) are designed to operate under cycling conditions or high temperature applications. This product line is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for applications that require both heating and cooling mode (reverse polarity) or power generation. Assembled with proprietary solder construction, Bismuth Telluride semiconductor material and thermally conductive Aluminum Oxide ceramics, the ThermaTEC™ Series is designed for higher current and larger heat-pumping applications.

Continuous operating temperature max. +175°C

low costs
wide range of standard modules
high cycle stability
very robust cable connection points
well suited for power generation by waste heat

Links to the individual data sheets:

HT2,12,F2,3030 19,5W/2,3A/14,4V dT=63K 30,0x34,0x3,6mm
HT3,12,F2,3030 24,7W/2,9A/14,5V dT=63K 30,0x34,0x3,2mm
HT4,6,F2,2143 16,4W/3,8A/7,2V dT=64K 20,6x43,2x3,8mm
HT4,7,F2,3030 18,4W/3,8A/8,1V dT=64K 30,0x34,0x4,1mm
HT4,12,F2,3030 34,3W/4,0A/14,5V dT=63K 30,0x34,0x3,2mm
HT4,12,F2,4040 33,0W/3,8A/14,5V dT=64K 39,9x43,9x4,1mm
HT6,7,F2,3030 29,2W/6,0A/8,0V dT=63K 30,0x34,0x3,8mm
HT6,12,F2,4040 51,6W/6,0A/14,5V dT=63K 39,9x43,9x3,6mm
HT8,7,F2,3030 40,7W/8,5A/8,1V dT=63K 30,0x34,0x3,3mm
HT8,12,F2,4040 72,9W/8,5A/14,5V dT=63K 39,9x43,9x3,3mm
HT9,3,F2,2525 20,1W/9,6A/3,6V dT=63K 25,4x28,7x5,0mm

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Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
MCHT103740T2W0 Peltiermodul 48W/7,8A/6,0V HT10.3-7-40-T2-W0-Segmented MELCOR 10 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MCHT21230 Peltiermodul 20.0W/2.3A/14.4V max HT2,12,F2,3030,TA,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 25 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT31230TA Peltiermodul 24.0W/2.8A/14.4V max HT3,12,F2,3030,TA,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 5 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT4064321W6R Peltiermodul 16,0W/3,7A/7,2V max HT4,6,F2,2143,11,W6,RTV LAIRD 2 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MCHT407301 Peltiermodul 18,0W/3,7A/8.1 V max HT4,7,F2,3030,11,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 26 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MCHT4074321 Peltiermodul 16.0W/3.7A/7.20V max HT4,6,F2,2143,TA,W6 LAIRD (HT4-6-21x43) 131 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT41230R Peltiermodul 33.0W/3.9A/14.4V max HT4,12,F2,3030,11,RT,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 5 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT41230T2 Peltiermodul 33.0W/3.9A/14.4V max HT4,12,F2,3030,TB,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 21 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT4124011 Peltiermodul 32,0W/3,7A/14,4V max HT4,12,F2,4040,11,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 6 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT60730 Peltiermodul 29,2W/6,0A/8,0Vmax @+25°C HT6,7,F2,3030,11,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 3 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT60730T2a Peltiermodul 29.2W/6.0A/8.0Vmax @+25°C HT6,7,F2,3030,T2,W0.16 LAIRD 29 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT60730T2RTV Peltiermodul 29,2W/6.0A/8,0V max HT6,7,F2,3030,TB,RT,W6 LAIRD RTV-vers. 20 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT61240 Peltiermodul 51,0W/6,0A/14,4V max HT6,12,F2,4040,TA,W6 LAIRD 16 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MCHT61240T211R Peltiermodul 51,0W/6,0A/14,4V max HT6,12,F2,4040,TB,RTV,W11.8 LAIRD 4 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT662143TA16R Peltiermodul 25,9W/6,0A/7,0V max HT6,6,F2,2143,TA,W16,RT LAIRD ThermaTEC 11 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT80730 Peltiermodul 39,0W/8,5A/8,1V max HT8,7,F2,3030,TA,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 2 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT807301 Peltiermodul 39,0W/8,5A/8,1V max HT8,7,F2,3030,11,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 8 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MCHT81240 Peltiermodul 72,0W/8,5A/14,4V max HT8,12,F2,4040,TA,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 120 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT8124011 Peltiermodul 72,0W/8,5A/14,4V max HT8,12,F2,4040,11,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 17 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MCHT81240T1R Peltiermodul 72,0W/8,5A/14,4V max HT8,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W6 LAIRD Thermatec 27 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT81240T2a Peltiermodul 72,0W/8,5A/14,4V max HT8,12,F2,4040,TB,W25.6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 2 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MCHT81240T2R Peltiermodul 72.0W/8,5A/14,4V max HT8,12,F2,4040,TB,RT,W6 LAIRD Thermatec 16 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MCHT90325T2 Peltiermodul 20.0W/9.6A/3.6V max HT9,3,F2,2525,TB,W6 LAIRD ThermaTEC 2 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
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