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ZT Modules with high efficiency

ZT Modules with high efficiency

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The ZT Series is a high performance thermoelectric module (TEM). The module is assembled with premium Bismuth Telluride semiconductor material that achieves a higher temperature differential than standard single stage TEMs. This product line is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for applications that require to reach cold temperatures. Assembled with top grade Bismuth Telluride semiconductor material and thermally conductive Aluminum Oxide ceramics, the ZT Series is designed for higher current and larger heat-pumping applications.

high performance in the smallest space - 18W to 84W
dimensions 20x20 to 40x40mm
temperature difference up to 74K at +25°C
improved efficiency
inboard mounting of the connecting wires, both sides equal

The following standard modules are available:

ZT4,7,F1,2020 18,2W/3,9A/8,8V dT=74K 20,0x20,0x3,6mm
ZT4,12,F1,3030 35,0W/3,9A/16,4V dT=74K 30,0x30,0x3,6mm
ZT4,12,F1,4040 37,0W/3,9A/15,4V dT=74K 40,0x40,0x4,8mm
ZT5,16,F1,4040 62,3W/5,0A/20,0V dT=74K 40,0x40,0x3,7mm
ZT6,7,F1,3030 31,0W/6,0A/8,6V dT=74K 30,0x30,0x3,9mm
ZT6,12,F1,4040 55,0W/6,0A/15,4V dT=74K 40,0x40,0x3,9mm
ZT7,16,F1,4040 83,9W/6,7A/20,0V dT=72K 40,0x40,0x3,3mm
ZT8,12,F1,4040 77,0W/8,5A/15,4V dT=72K 40,0x40,0x3,8mm

in stock in stock
on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
sales item, stock only sales item, stock only
discontinued, not for new designs discontinued, not for new designs

Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
MCZT06124040TA Peltiermodul 55.0W/6.0A/15.4V max ZT6,12,F1,4040,TA,W8 LAIRD 7950003-601 3 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
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