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Temperature controls/regulations

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on order, occasionally in stock Series PEC Peltier Controller 300W
PEC Peltier Controller 300W


The PEC-300 combines a high-end-PID-controller, a branded switching power supply and a PWM module in a sturdy aluminium desk top case. The connectors are mounted on the back side of the unit.

  • Large setting range: -30/+800°C
  • PWM operating at 12,5kHz, no hazard for the peltier modules
  • Depending on the sensortype accuracy <1K and resolution <0,1K
  • Self optimizing PID-controller
  • Standard units for 12V and 15V power output available, other voltages per request
  • Interface RS485 built in, USB-RS232-converter (PEC-OPT03) is available
  • Delivered with a sensor Pt100

This series was designed in Austria and is built here completely. Customer specific requirements can be implemented quickly, also with small production costs.

The PID-control unit is the KS41-1 made by PMA, the following documents are ready for download here:

PDF Symbol klein Datasheet KS41-1 (467 kB)

PDF Symbol klein Interface description (479 kB)

PDF Symbol klein User manual (1166 kB)

PDF Symbol klein Operation note (606 kB)

For more sophisticated settings on the KS41-1 we recommend the use of BlueControl Software (BluePort® Interface jack accessible on the front of KS41-1). Any query is welcome, please ask!


on order, occasionally in stock Series PEC-OPTO3 RS485/RS232-USB Converter
PEC-OPTO3 RS485/RS232-USB Converter

USB <-> RS232/422/485 interface converter

With this serial USB-adaptor it is possible to connect peltier controllers of series PEC via the RS-485 interface to the USB-interface of a PC.

  • sturdy metal case
  • 1 RS232/422/485 D-Sub male 9
  • screw terminals
  • data transmission rate up to 921.6 kb/s
  • no need of external power supply

everey unit contains of:

1 pc RS485/RS232-USB converter PEC-OPT03
1 pcs cable USB-A / USB-B
1 pcs printed installation guide
1 pcs Installation Guide (CD)

The installation CD is recently no longer supplied, the contents of this CD you can download from our website. Download.

Link to installation guide

discontinued, not for new designs Series MTTC-1410 Controller *obsolete*
MTTC-1410 Controller *obsolete*


High performance at low cost - MTTC-1410

This controller offers excellent temperature stability of ±0,004°C. As a sensor is used a 1kOhm resistance (Pt 1000), it is included.

  • Output voltages: 3, 7, 12 and 14 VDC switchable (PWM)
  • Maximum output current 10A
  • control range: -100°C ... +200°C
  • Temperature sensor: 2-wire Pt1000
  • Universal Power Supply: 115/230 VAC, 50~60 Hz
  • LED display of set and actual temperature
  • adjustable control behavior: proportional, integral, differential


SINCE JUNE 2016 OUT OF PRODUCTION - unfortunately, no more stocks are available.

Please contact us for replacement suggestions!

on order, occasionally in stock Series PR-59 Peltier Controller 10-30V PWM
PR-59 Peltier Controller 10-30V PWM


This controller offers excellent temperature stability of ±0,05K. The Peltier output is pulse width modulated 10 kHz, for fan 2 are independently from each other programmable outputs. As a sensor is used a NTC resistor, this is included.

  • Input Voltage 10 ... 30 VDC (no built-in power supply!)
  • Maximum output current 15 A (up to 30 A with additional cooling)
  • PWM clocked at 10 kHz getaktet, no lifetime limitation for Peltier Modules
  • Control range: -20°C ... +100°C with standard-NTC, other areas possible, depending on sensor
  • Resolution ±0,05K, Stability ±0,05K
  • Cooling and heating
  • Temperatur sensor: NTC, other sensors possible
  • Remote control via RS232 interface
  • Free programmable

1 pc programmable controller PR-59
1 pc temperatur sensor TC-NTC-1
1 pc wire TC-WIRE3-PR59
1 sheet A4 Quick Guide
1 sheet A4 connection schema
1 sheet of A4 dimensions
1 sheet A4 Introduction with Link to Installation software and the Manual
(Registration on the site of Laird is required)

Link to download (without Registration):
getting started
User Manual

Attention - important note:  in the manual, a process "Download Firmware" is described this process must be carried out only with a certain combination of PC hardware / operating system. Please Never start this process, it can lead to total functional failure of the controller, which can be resolved only in the supplying plant. All Controller PR-59 were and are supplied by us with the current firmware, there currently is no need for a renewed download.

on order, occasionally in stock Series SR-54 Peltier Controller
SR-54 Peltier Controller


The TC-XX-SR-54 is a temperature controller on a microcontroller base, which is installed in thermoelectric units, as an addition to the existing temperature control. The TC-XX-SR-54 is a bipolar temperature controller with precise control accuracy that can be used for cooling and for heating of thermoelectric devices. It has 3 programmable outputs, alarm relays and alarm LED´s. The parameters are preset at the factory according to customer specifications (standard thermostat). Special solutions are possible but may require a certain minimum order quantity.

  • Input Voltage 16 ... 60 VDC (no built-in power supply!)
  • PWM clocked at 8 kHz, no lifetime limitation for Peltier Modules
  • Control range: -20°C ... +100°C with standard-NTC, other areas possible depending on sensor
  • Cooling and heating
  • Temperatur sensor: NTC, other sensors possible
  • USB-Interfacee
  • free programmable
on order, occasionally in stock Series TC-18 Peltier control ON/OFF
TC-18 Peltier control ON/OFF


This universal, highly-priced controller is operated in ON / OFF mode.

For fast delivery are 2 standard types with nominal temperatures +5°C and +35°C  (e.g. cabinets!), the range ± can be adjusted with the built-trimmer in the range ±5 K. The sensor is an NTC resistor, this is included.

  • Input Voltage 12 ... 48 VDC (no built-in power supply!)
  • Maximum output current 8 A (up to 16 A with additional cooling)
  • Ambient temperature range  -10°C ... +55°C
  • Cooling or heating
  • Temperature sensor NTC
  • Programmable in the supplying plant

Link to download:
TC-18-QC-50 for setpoint temperature +5°C
TC-18-QE-50 for setpoint temperature +35°C

For additional information please contact us.
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