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5mm-LED from FORYARD

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on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
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in stock Series FYL-5015RGBW



red lD = 630nm Iv = typ. 500mcd @20 mA
green lD = 525nm Iv = typ. 600 mcd @20 mA
blue lD = 430nm Iv = typ. 300 mcd @20 mA
diffuse white lense
Viewing angle: 30°
common anode
Operating temperature range: -40/+80°C

on order, occasionally in stock Series FYL-5013 ultrabright
FYL-5013 ultrabright


LED 5mm ultrabright

superred 660 nm Iv = typ. 1000 mcd @20mA
ultraorange 630 nm Iv = typ. 2000 mcd @20 mA
ultrayellow 590 nm Iv = typ. 2200 mcd @20 mA
ultragreen 574 nm Iv = typ. 700 mcd @20 mA
ultragreen 525 nm Iv = typ. 3000 mcd @20 mA
ultragreen 505 nm Iv = typ. 3000 mcd @20 mA
ultrablue 470 nm Iv = typ. 3000 mcd @20 mA
UV 405 nm Iv = typ. 200 mcd @20 mA
clear lense
Viewing angle: 20°
Operating temperature range: -40/+85°C

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