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SG-8002/8003 Generell Infomations

SG-8002/8003 Generell Infomations


To shorten delivery times for oscillators with transmission frequencies, we offer the series SG-8002 and SG-8003 from EPSON: a programmable generation of PLL oscillators with integrated Quartz.

Because of the internal PLL-circuit, output frequencies of 1-125 MHz in the SG-8002 and 1-166 MHz in the SG-8003 can be generated.

With our programming devices we are able to produce in a very short time - in emergencies on the same day - quartz oscillators in various housing types, CMOS or TTL compatible, SG-8002 5,0 or 3,3V with tristate or Enable / Disable function with the desired frequencies - and the SG-8003 from 1,8 - 3,3V!

ATTENTION: Due to the use of the PLL-technology it can by the jitter (see table below on the data sheets.) which cause problems with video and telecom applications as well as signal processors at the output; for some applications is a conventional quartz oscillator indispensable. Also the use in PLL circuits is not recommended.

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