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ZTTCC 2-8 MHz SMT with capacitor

ZTTCC 2-8 MHz SMT with capacitor

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integrated capacitors
2 - 8 MHz
3,4 x 7,4 mm, 1,8 mm high
Frequency accuracy ±0,5%
Temperature tolerance ±0,3% at -20...+80°C

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in stock in stock
on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
sales item, stock only sales item, stock only
discontinued, not for new designs discontinued, not for new designs

Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
KRCR02000CGLI ker. Resonator 2.00 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR02000-CG-L01 HKX ±0.3% -40/+85°C 1.005 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
KRCR03690CGLI ker. Resonator 3.686 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR03686-CG-K0R HKX ±0.3% -20/+80°C 10 Stk 1 PG-X In den Warenkorb
KRCR04000CGLI ker. Resonator 4.000 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR04000-CG-K00 HKC ±0.3% -20/+80°C 135 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
KRCR04915CGLI ker. Resonator 4.910 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR04910-CG-K00 HKX ±0.3% -20/+80°C 1.480 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
KRCR06000CGLI ker. Resonator 6.000 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR06000-CG-K0R HKX ±0.3% -20/+80°C 960 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
KRCR073728GLI ker. Resonator 7.3728 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR07372-CG-K0R HKX ±0.3% -20/+80°C 1.000 Stk 1 PG-V In den Warenkorb
KRCR08000CGLI ker. Resonator 8.00 MHz ±0.5% SMT CR08000-CG-K0R HKX ±0.3% -20/+80°C 500 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
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