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Embedded Dial-Up Modems

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Achtung: Die Vertriebskanäle wurden von MultiTech im Sommer 2010 neu strukturiert. Wir haben den Vertrieb dieser Produktlinie aufgegeben, bestehende Aufträge abgewickelt und die Lagerbestände verkauft, Reste sind noch vorhanden.
Anfragen für neue Projekte richten Sie bitte direkt an den Hersteller:
Neil Carey ncarey@multitech.co.uk

The SocketModem® embedded modem creates communication-ready devices by integrating data/fax modem functionality into a single, universal socket design. The SocketModem embedded modem utilizes a space-efficient (1" × 2.5"), design that allows OEMs to integrate a wide range of modem functions and speeds into any product platform. The complete, ready-to-integrate modem dramatically reduces development time and costs for system designers. The SocketModem embedded modem complies with telecom requirements globally and can be shipped worldwide.

The SocketModem Developer's Kit allows you to plug in the module and use it as a serial modem for testing, programming and evaluation. The kit includes one development board with RS-232 DB-25 connector, universal power supply, RJ-11 jack, RS-232 cable and Developer Guide CD. Contact OEMsales to order your kit today!

Family Features

  • Complete data/fax modem solution, including the controller, data pump, and DAA
  • Space efficient universal socket connectivity
  • Telecom approved in more than 50 countries
  • V.92/56K and V.34/33.6K data rate options
  • High speed models backward compatible with lower speeds
  • V.34/33.6K or V.17/14.4K fax
  • V.44 and V.42bis data compression
  • V.42 error correction
  • Intelligent DAA technology detects line status
  • 10 or 11-bit mode
  • Serial or parallel interface
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