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A heat pipe is a very special heat conductor, the heat conductivity can be up to 100x better than that of a copper rod of the same dimensions.

Usually heatpipes are manufactured as rods with diameters ranging from 2 to 50 mm, the length can vary from a few centimeters to several meters. Rectangular, flat and tubular heat pipes are also possible as a special form.

A heat pipe consists principally of a vacuum-tight sealed tube, the inside of which is provided with a capillary structure. The introduced working fluid (water or alcohol) is incorporated as a result of the prevailing vacuum as saturated steam in the Kapillarstrukur.

The heat transfer within the heat pipe is carried out by evaporation and condensation. If thermal energy is supplied at a point of the heat pipe, the working fluid is evaporated by absorbing the energy. The steam then flows in the direction of the temperature gradient and condenses on the cooler parts of the heat pipe, releasing energy. The condensate returns through the capillary and gravity back into the evaporation zone.

DAU Super conductor of heat are produced according to very strict quality standards and modern manufacturing methods. This ensures that the highest levels of power dissipation with the lowest possible thermal resistance from the heat source to the heat-removing body (heatsink or similar) can be transmitted.

DAU Heatpipes offers:
• extremely high thermal conductivity
• fast reaction
• absolutely silent operation
• high reliability
• no moving parts

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