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designed for optoelectronic applications
Standard modules for demanding applications
HOT types for use up to +225°C
simple and multi-stage designs (Cascades)
customized special designs possible (in large quantities)

Attention: the deliverable type spectrum of this product group, especially with the ET's and HOT's, has been greatly streamlined by the manufacturer. Please contact us bevore you make specific design considerations!

The following modules are available:

OT08,04,F0,0203 0,2W/0,8A/0,5V dT=67K 3,4x3,4x2,4mm
OT08,08,F0,0303 0,4W/0,8A/1,0V dT=67K 3,4x5,0x2,4mm
OT08,08,F0,0305 0,4W/0,8A/1,0V dT=67K 3,4x5,0x2,4mm
OT08,11,F1,0305 0,6W/0,8A/1,3V dT=67K 3,25x4,9x2,4mm
OT08,18,F0,0505 1,0W/0,8A/2,1V dT=67K 4,9x6,5x2,4mm
OT08,18,F2,0505 1,0W/0,8A/2,1V dT=67K 5,0x6,7x2,4mm
OT08,32,F0,0707 1,7W/0,8A/3,7V dT=67K 6,5x8,1x2,4mm
OT08,66,F0,1009 3,6W/0,8A/7,6V dT=67K 11,4x8,9x2,4mm
OT12,12,F0,0406 1,0W/1,2A/1,4V dT=67K 6,2x6,2x2,7mm
OT12,18,F0,0606 1,5W/1,2A/2,1V dT=67K 6,2x8,3x2,7mm
OT12,18,F2A,0606 1,5W/1,2A/2,1V dT=67K 6,0x7,2x2,7mm
OT12,66,F0,1211 5,4W/1,2A/7,5V dT=67K 11,3x14,4x2,7mm
OT15,30,F2A,0610 3,0W/1,5A/3,4V dT=67K 6,2x12,3x2,0mm
OT15,66,F0,1211 6,8W/1,5A/7,5V dT=67K 14,4x11,3x2,4mm
OT20,12,F0,0406 1,6W/2,0A/1,4V dT=67K 6,1x6,1x2,2mm
OT20,31,F1,0808 4,2W/2,0A/3,5V dT=67K 8,1x8,1x2,2mm
OT20,32,F0,0808 4,4W/2,0A/3,7V dT=67K 10,2x8,1x2,2mm
OT20,66,F0,1211 9,0W/2,0A/7,5V dT=67K 14,2x11,2x2,2mm

ET12,65,F2A,1312 5,3W/1,2A/7,4V dT=67K 13,2x13,2x2,7mm
ET19,23,F1N,0608 3,0W/1,9A/2,7V dT=65K 6,0x8,2x1,65mm
ET19,35,F1N,0612 4,5W/1,9A/4,0V dT=67K 6,0x12,2x1,65mm
ET20,24,F2A,0709 3,3W/2,0A/2,7V dT=67K 6,6x10,8x1,9mm
ET20,30,F2A,0610 4,1W/2,0A/3,4V dT=67K 6,2x12,3x1,8mm
ET20,31,F1A,0909 4,2W/2,0A/3,5V dT=67K 8,8x8,8x2,2mm
ET20,68,F1A,1313 9,3W/2,0A/7,8V dT=67K 13,2x13,2x2,2mm

HOT12,18,F2A,0606 1,5W/1,2A/2,1V dT=64K 6,0x7,2x2,7mm
HOT12,65,F2A,1312 5,3W/2,0A/7,4V dT=67K 13,2x13,2x2,7mm
HOT20,31,F2A,0909 4,2W/2,0A/3,5V dT=67K 8,8x11,0x2,2mm
HOT20,65,F2A,1312 8,9W/2,0A/7,4V dT=67K 13,2x13,2x2,2mm

in stock in stock
on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
sales item, stock only sales item, stock only
discontinued, not for new designs discontinued, not for new designs

Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
MFOT0818F2 Peltiermodul 1.0W/0.8A/2.1V max. OT08,18,F2,0505,11,W2.25 LAIRD 7 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MFOT0866F0EC Peltiermodul 3.6W/0.8A/7.6V max OT08,66,F0,1009,11,EC LAIRD 13 Stk 1 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MFOT1207F1A Peltiermodul 0.57 W/1.2 A/0.85 V max OT1.2-7-F1A-H5-C5 MELCOR 5 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MFOT2031F1A Peltiermodul 4.2W/2.0A/3.5V max OT2.0-31-F1A-HG-CG MELCOR 4 Stk 1 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
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