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DA Direct-Air Peltier Cooler

DA Direct-Air Peltier Cooler


This Peltier cooling units are designed for cooling or heating of objects, packages or containers.

These devices operate independent of position, extremely reliable and almost maintenance-free; Only occasional cleaning of the cooling fins and fans depending on ambient conditions.

  • Easy installation
  • Switching between cooling and heating
  • Heat pump powers 12W to 160W
  • Operating Voltage 5 VDC, 12 VDC and 24 VDC
  • Some models also with built-in temperature controller
  • Typical applications are electronics cooling, analytical instruments, laser and commercial refrigeration.

Links to the individual data sheets:

DA-014-12-02 12W/12V/1,8A Weight=0,2kg 60x40x55mm
DA-024-12-02 24W/12V/2,4A Weight=0,3kg 80x60x70mm
DA-034-12-02 34W/12V/2,6A Weight=0,5kg 100x80x73mm
DA-034-24-02 34W/24V/1,9A Weight=0,5kg 100x80x78mm
DA-044-12-02 42W/12V/3,8A Weight=0,6kg 120x100x74mm
DA-044-24-02 44W/24V/2,2A Weight=0,6kg 120x100x74mm
DA-045-12-02 48W/12V/6,1A Weight=1,2kg 160x122x86mm
DA-045-24-02 48W/24V/2,5A Weight=1,2kg 160x122x86mm
DA-075-12-02 71W/12V/7,2A Weight=1,7kg 230x122x86mm
DA-075-24-02 71W/24V/3,7A Weight=1,7kg 230x122x86mm
DA-115-24-02 113W/24V/5,8A Weight=2,9kg 300x152x94mm
DA-135-24-02 135V/24V/6,9A Weight=2,9kg 300x152x94mm
DA-160-24-02 160W/24V/7,4A Weight=3,5kg 300x152x100mm

in stock in stock
on order, occasionally in stock on order, occasionally in stock
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Teilenummer Artikelbezeichnung1 Artikelbezeichnung2 Menge Einheit Rohs    
MSDA0221202 Direct-Air System 12V/22W DA-022-12-02 LAIRD Luft-Platte 1 Stk 9 PG-Y In den Warenkorb
MSDA0341202 Direct-Air System 12V/34W DA-034-12-02 LAIRD Luft-Platte 1 Stk 9 PG-V In den Warenkorb
MSDA0342402 Direct-Air System 24V/34W DA-034-24-02-00-00 LAIRD Luft-Platte 2 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MSDA0452402 Direct-Air System 24V/48W DA-045-24-02 LAIRD Luft-Platte 1 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
MSDA0751202 Direct-Air System 12V/71W DA-075-12-02 LAIRD Luft-Platte 1 Stk 9 PG-Q In den Warenkorb
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