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by Wolfgang Knap last modified 2024-07-11 15:18

Logo Kinsun July 2024


Metal Waterproof USB

DIP Mount



IP68 USB-C3.2 GEM 2x1

Metal Housing

-30 to +80 °C

Thread: 5/8"-27 UNS


Logo SMI October 2018


327SMO-JN SMT 1,5x3,2mm 1,3-5,5V

Frequency range: 32,768 kHz
Voltage: 1,3 up to 5,5V
Dimensions: 1,5 x 3,2 mm SMT
Capacity load: max. 15pF (CMOS)
Temperature range: -40/+85°C



Tolerance range from

+/-50ppm to +/-3ppm

Supply voltage: extremely low

max. 2,0 µA

Logo WP

September 2018



Series 5215

Pitch 1,2 mm

Current Rating up to 1A

Extension of the SMT Crimping Rast product family from W + P:

Wire-to-board connectors in space-critical applications

The 5215 series meets the requirements of a number of applications on printed circuit boards for precise, safe, compact and space-optimized design.

The pin and socket strip series complements W + P's Crimp-Rast product family in the field of surface-mountable SMT components, making it ideally suited for economical machine assembly.

SMT wire-to-board connectors are designed for AWG 36 to 30 cable cross-sections, also available as a single-row horizontal version in 1.2mm pitch.

The height of the rated current of the copper alloy contacts is 1 A, the insulation material corresponds to the flammability class UL94V-0, a reliable function is the temperature range of -25 to + 85 °C.

In view of the market trend for miniaturization, compact cable-to-board connectors are currently in great demand, opening up interesting solutions, for example in the areas of measurement and control technology, communications technology or medical technology.

Upon customer request, W + P also manufactures complete cable assemblies in all grid dimensions. Appropriate samples are available free of charge on request.

Logo Altmann May 2018


Potentiometer with spring mechanism

2 housing stages
glass fiber reinforced plastic housing
Temperature range -20°C up to +100°C



Spring return to

left stop or middle position

Lifetime 500.000 cycles

Logo WP

March 2018



Series 5566 and 5577

Grid 0,50/1,00mm


as SMT-Version with Back Lock

4 up to 60 contacts

extremely short and low height design

Low height with small grid

SMT ZIF-Connector with Back Lock

ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors can be used wherever tool-free connection with high holding forces in the smallest space is required.

W + P offers zero-force connectors of the 5566 and 5577 series. Striking are their small pitch of 0.5 and 1.0mm and the low heights of 1.2 and 2.0mm. Furthermore, the connectors are equipped with a locking possibility in the rear area. A special folding mechanism - similar to a piano lid - simplifies handling and saves space on the circuit board, in contrast to a front lock. So a stable and equally durable but still releasable connection is made.

As a counterpart, W + P offers the flex caples with series 599. These are available in pitches of 0.5mm to 2.54mm, variable cable lengths, connection types, types and customer-specific versions complete the portfolio. Of course, they are also suitable for contacting flexible printed circuit boards.

SMT ZIF connectors are designed as a horizontal version with double-sided contacting to increase flexibility when used on the board. Available in poles of 4 to 40 or 6 to 60 contacts, they are rated for currents up to 0.5 A per contact.

The contact material consists of a gold-plated copper alloy with nickel barrier layer. As an insulating material is halogen-free, high temperature resistant plastic, according to UL94 V-0 available. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to + 85 ° C (5566 series) and from -25 to + 85 ° C (5577 series). Both series are supplied in automatic Tape & Reel packaging.

Zero-force connectors are used wherever flexible connections in a small space are needed: industrial computers, audio and telecommunications equipment, data drives, scanners, printers, LCD displays and much more

Logo WP

January 2018



Series 987/9870 and 397/3970

Pitch 5,08/2,54mm


THT or SMD Version

2 to 4 Powercontacts

4 to 48 Signalcontacts

Hybrid solutions of W+P

Mixed grid series in Power / Signal Mix

Mixed-grid connectors offer a huge advantage: they simultaneously transmit power and control signals in just one connector. The result is space-saving and powerful components

W+P has a comprehensive range of mixed-grid series made for board-to-board connection, including pin headers and receptacles for the printed circuit board.

The range of pin and socket strips covers the series 987/9870 and 397/3970. They combine the advantages of low-cost printed circuit board connectors with the ability to ensure high current carrying capacities of up to 8.2 A through a special contact geometry. The series are available in 5.08 / 2.54mm pitch as soldering and SMT variants, in various combination options from 2 to 4 power contacts and 4 to 48 signal contacts.

The Power / Signal connector series 454 to 457 are available in the mixed pitch 5.00 / 2.00mm, designed for currents up to 24.7 A per contact. In addition to the small footprint, the special housing geometry ensures optimal ventilation and thus serves to cool the entire connector system. Also available are various number of poles and combinations of 1 to 2 power contacts and 16/24/80 signal contacts, available as a vertical and angled solder-on variant.

The contact material for all mixed-grid series is a copper alloy with a gold-plated surface over a nickel barrier layer. The insulators are made of thermoplastic according to UL94 V-0.

Their use is interesting, for example, in the fields of industrial electronics, mechanical and plant engineering as well as in industrial measuring and control systems.

Logo WP

October 2017



Series 5061

Dimensions 3,0 x 2,0 mm

also as IP67 available

Ideal for compact devices with dense components

SMT miniature pushbutton from W + P: extremely small!

W + P expands the assortment of miniature buttons for surface mounting by a series with various ordering options. Due to their low profile, the pushbuttons create space on the circuit board with extremely small dimensions and are thus ideally suited for compact input units such as, for example, industrial controllers, etc.

The smallest of the new pushbuttons start with a housing base area of only 3.0 x 2.0mm, the "largest" of the Minis also occupy only little space on the board with 5.2 x 5.2mm! The miniature dimensions ensure remarkably small actuation fields with diameters between 0.7 and 3.5mm. The spectrum of component heights varies between 0.55 and 2.0 mm.

The high-quality, fail-safe series 5061 is divided into seven different ordering options, which differ in base area, height and size of the operating field. The order option "01" additionally offers a waterproof protection rating of IP67.

When pressed, the buttons are characterized by a noticeable feedback. A service life of up to 100,000 cycles, at operating temperatures of -40 ° C, to + 85 ° C. The contact material consists of a copper alloy.

Areas of application are input and control functions in measuring and control technology, industrial electronics, entertainment electronics and, among other things, in telecommunication systems.

Logo WP

August 2017


5262 stehend

Series 5261

Grid 4,00 mm

loadable up to 9A

Connect LED boards in flexible lengths and angles:

SMT-IDC connector with 4 mm pitch from W + P

Connect cable, press down and the connection is finished! W + P's Series 5261 SMT-IDC connector makes the power supply of LED boards super-simple and flexible. And it is cost-effective.

The combination of SMT-IDC in the 4mm pitch is exceptional and is absolutely ingenious for use in the LED area: cables can be simply plugged in without stripping, using a cutting clamp technology a gas-tight connection is created, which can even be cast if necessary. The relatively large pitch of 4mm allows to transport currents of up to 9A, thus providing the power supply to the board. The compatibility for the SMT soldering process saves the costs of an individual assembly and soldering process.

And especially exciting: the new connector from W + P is ideally suited to connect LED boards in flexible lengths and angles. This is very interesting in applications where it is not possible to determine in advance the exact length required.

The new LED connectors 1, 2 and 3-pole are available in two different versions: as through-type and as end-type. The contact material consists of a tin-plated copper alloy, the insulating body is made of high-temperature-resistant plastic according to UL94 V-0. As cables, both strands and solid wires with conductor cross-sections of 0,75 – 1mm2 (AWG 20 -18) can be used. The new connectors are designed for a voltage immunity of 1 kVAC and a nominal current of 9 A. A safe function is guaranteed in a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

Logo Kinsun July 2017


Following DIN standard

Suitable for various of fields applications
Field attachable
Reduce wiring time



Max operating voltage: 500V

Insulation resistance: min. 10 MΩ x km bei / at 20 °C

Cable: 24-30 AWG optional

Logo WP

June 2017



USB A male, USB B male, USB C male

Micro USB B male

Mini-USB B male

USB A 3.1 male, USB B 3.1 male, USB C 3.1 male


Micro USB 3.1 male

And he lives!

USB 3.1-Typ-C Spring bouquet

USB cable to connect to USB 3.1 standard

First he was praised, then dead, but the future-oriented USB 3.1 standard lives! W + P is now presenting a broad range of high-quality cable assemblies from USB 3.1 type C connectors to a wide variety of USB connectors.

Increasingly, the USB 3.1 Type C connector is installed in electronic devices as standard. However, by far not all connectors are also equipped with USB 3.1 type C connectors. In order to continue to be able to optimally connect old devices, W + P now offers a comprehensive range of USB 3.1 Type C cable assemblies:
With cables from Type C to Type C with 15 cores for high-speed data transmissions to cables from Type C to Mini-USB B 2.0 with only 4 cores, all currently available on the market are USB port types covered. The high-quality processing and extrusion of the connectors is self-evident.

W + P's portfolio of USB 3.1 Type C cable assemblies includes 9 different types. The type C connector is located at one end of the cable and the following connection options are at the other end:
USB C male, USB C male, USB C male, USB C male, USB C male, USB C male, USB C male, USB C 3.1 male, USB C male, The cables are optimized not only with regard to the connectors, but also with regard to the internal wiring for their intended use. The following data transfer standards can be implemented: USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1. All cables can be manufactured in lengths from 50cm up to 500cm.

Logo WP

April 2017


5262 vertical

Series 5262 vertical

grid 3,00 mm

low height 7,13mm


SMT compact terminal blocks from W + P

Square, practical, good!

Saving space on the board? - No problem with the new LED connector series 5262 from W + P!

With a base area of only 6 x 7.4 mm, the stationary SMT compact terminal blocks allow for extremely tight mounting on the printed circuit board. And in a very user-friendly way.

The cable leads are inserted from above into the insertion openings, mechanically locked with a lever and the connection is already perfect. Since the plug-in face is directed upwards, no further space is required for mounting on the side of the printed circuit board. Ideal for use in applications with very limited space conditions!

The new LED compact terminal blocks are available as a SMT version. The contact material consists of a tin-plated copper alloy, the insulating body made of high-temperature-resistant plastic according to UL94 V-0. Both strands and solid wires with conductor cross can be used with a section of 0.21 - 0.35mm2 (AWG 24-22). The new connectors are designed for a voltage immunity of 1kVAC and a nominal current of 5A. A safe function is guaranteed in a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 105

Logo SC Precision

March 2017



Series SCU221

USB 2.0 Connector Type A

right angled

Insertion force: 3.75kg max

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ max

Contact resistance: 30mΩ max

Data sheet SCU221

Logo WP

March 2017


5256 laid

Series 5256 and 5257 laid

grid 2,40 and 3,00 mm

low height 3,92mm and 3,33mm

patented contact design

with funnel-shaped opening area

small and powerful

LED-SMT Compact Terminal Blocks 2.4mm and 3,0mm Pitch

Bring the operating voltage safe on the board

W+P is expanding its portfolio of LED connection terminals by series 5256 and 5257.

State-of-the-art LED applications demand smaller and smaller dimensions for the connection technology, so that the new series have been developed as a supplement to the 4mm clamp (series 5253) in grid sizes 2,4 and 3mm.

The particularly low heights of 3.92 and 3.33mm allow the use in the smallest electronic assemblies. The newly developed housing design reduces the shadowing and opens up new design possibilities in the lighting planning and implementation. The highlight of the new clamps is the patented contact design: a funnel-shaped opening area guides the conductor to the clamping point and guarantees a secure contacting with a simple application.

The new LED connection terminal generation from W + P is available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions. Equipped with the screwless terminal connection technique, the terminals for leads with conductor cross-sections of 0.13 - 0.33mm2 (AWG 26 to AWG 22). By means of an integrated actuating slide, rigid and multi-stranded feed lines can be connected comfortably and time-saving.

The contact material consists of a tin-plated copper alloy over a nickel barrier layer, the insulating body made of high-temperature-resistant plastic according to UL 94 V-0. They are designed for a voltage resistance of 1000V and a nominal current of up to 4 A. A safe function is guaranteed in a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 105 ° C.

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